Porinna ship restaurant & terrace

A ship restaurant in Pori’s beautiful Eteläranta district that offers casual dining and entertainment.

Porinna ship restaurant & terrace in Pori’s Eteläranta district offers casual dining and entertainment. Enjoy the summer in Pori and the beautiful scenery of the Kokemäenjoki river on Porinna’s sun deck or covered terrace. We are open from the first warm days of May until mid-August. Table service is provided even during lunchtime.

You’re welcome to visit our restaurant anytime, whether you’re dressed up or looking to relax after going out for a run. Porinna serves delicious meals made from ingredients that are local, fresh and high in quality. We prepare all of our meals in our own kitchen with love and expertise. Our classic summertime menu items include Porinna’s perch with cider sauce and our succulent beef burger, as well as frozen strawberry margaritas and tyyrpuuri, a sea buckthorn-flavoured sparkling wine cocktail.

Reservations are recommended on weekends and in July. We look forward to seeing you!