Galleria Vanha Savu

An art gallery, event venue and tourist information centre at the Krookka guest marina in Merikarvia.

A hub of art, theatre and music.

Galleria Vanha Savu is a seaside exhibition and concert venue located in the Krookka marina, only one kilometre from the centre of Merikarvia. Galleria Vanha Savu is open in the summer, housing a tourist information centre and souvenir shop. At other times, tourist information services are provided by the municipal government office of Merikarvia.

Between 1950 and 1964, the building served as the largest fish smokery in the Krookka harbour. The main gallery space originally housed large basins where the fish was cleaned, salted and skewered before smoking. Downstairs, workers watched the charcoal and kept the fire going in the kilns. Today, the kilns with their signature smoke scent are open to the public as a gallery space and a historical attraction. During peak season, the smokery used all three kilns at the same time.  The smokery also had an office where employees could do paperwork while keeping an eye on the temperatures in the kilns.