Galeas Ihana

Come, see, smell and experience the old-time atmosphere on an authentic sailing ship, the galeas Ihana!

Adventure on the Bothnian Sea

A day of sailing is a refreshing experience, whether it tops off your week or is a getaway in the middle of a hectic working week. Let the spirited sailing atmosphere transport you away from the everyday. As you take off from the pier, you can leave behind your worries, hurry and hassle, phones and e-mails.

Kaljaasi Ihana at sea

Kaljaasi Ihana at sea

You will be a part of the crew, raising and lowering sails under the instruction of the ship’s trained crew. On the ship, you will literally pull together. You can also steer the ship under the watchful gaze of the captain or, if you dare, put on a climbing harness and shimmy up the mast to admire the Sea of Bothnia from a height of 23 metres as the ship glides along… Or you can just relax on the deck and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

The trip is topped off with a tasty salmon soup or a buffet with a variety of fish.

Gather a group and come enjoy a relaxing and invigorating sea voyage in the beautiful Sea of Bothnia archipelago. A team day on a sailing ship is a great way to spend time together.