City bikes

A city bike is and easy way to travel!

Pori is the perfect city for bikes: the terrain is even, the urban structure is dense and the network of bicycle routes is extensive. A bike will easily get you where you want to go!

Pori has 50 city bikes that can be rented with a mobile app. You can find the bikes in key locations in downtown Pori as well as Yyteri, for example.

City bikes are an easy and affordable mode of transport. The renting system is based on smart locks ans a mobile app, making the bikes available for rent 24/7. The rental price of the bike depends how long you use it.

For more information on the parking stations of the bikes, their prices and how to download the mobile app, please visit the Rolan Bike website.

The bikes are available from April to October, after which the bikes and stations are collected for winter storage.