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Animals of the Kirjurinluoto park

In summer Kirjurinluoto is home to various animals.


Opposite Eteläranta, in the middle of the Kokemäenjoki River, is Pori’s own central park, the Kirjurinluoto Park.


The shallow, sandy beach of Kirjurinluoto is perfect for swimming and building sand castles.

The children's traffic park Vinkkari

Traffic Park Vinkkari is great, children can ride bikes and pedal cars. Playing here will also teach children the rules of the road.

Trails and routes

Great trails for walking and running, natural peace and quiet. Get up and go!

Children´s world

Spend a day of fun together in Kirvatsi! Kirvatsi is home to children’s favourite playgrounds, the beach, animals and a summer theatre... There is plenty to do, and Kirvatsi is right next to the city centre.

Seasonal restaurants and restaurants on request

Find nice restaurants, cafes and restaurants on requests.

Bars and nightlife

Pori offers a wide range of entertainment and leisure activities to suit all tastes.


How about a lovely pastry or a delicious savoury with fresh coffee or tea?

For families with children

Families and their children wont't get bored while visiting Pori and these attractions!