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Outdoor Etiquette

In nature, you are a guest of honour. Thank you for sticking to the Outdoor Etiquette so that our precious nature destinations are preserved for the future!

Bothnian Sea National Park

The magic of the sea and the charm of the archipelago. Stretching from Kustavi to Merikarvia, the Bothnian Sea National Park invites you for an adventure on its waves and shores.

Yyteri webcam

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At three kilometres in length, Yyteri is the finest beach in the Nordic region. It is also much more, as the Yyteri area also includes Reposaari, Kallo and Ahlainen and the picturesque scenery between them.

Campfire sites

Yyteri invites you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Pack a lunch and have a fun day out! When hunger strikes, Yyteri’s campfire sites are the perfect place to take a picnic break.

Yyteri hiking trails

Yyteri is much more than just a sandy beach, so we strongly recommend exploring the diverse hiking trails in the area as well. Along the routes, you can experience a variety of landscapes, including the sea, sand dunes, pine forests, old spruce forests, bog crossings, nature towers, and sandy forest paths.

Nature towers in Yyteri

On the trails along the shores of the Bothnian Sea, you can admire meadows, mudflats, grasslands and coastal forests that are popular with birds. The best places to enjoy nature trails and birdwatching towers in the Pori area are in Yyteri. Whether you are an experienced birdwatcher or a novice, you can experience natu


The Karhuluoto Circuit is a designated trail for mountain biking in Yyteri. It is also possible to bike on the Munakari Circuit.

Everyman’s Right

The outdoor enthusiast’s golden rule requires a desire to preserve and protect the unspoiled beauty and wonder of nature for future generations to enjoy.