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Kirjurin Leirintä / Lentävä Mökki camping services

6.5.2024 Articles

Welcome to Pori

Porissa ei mene koko loma, kun lähellä on aina kohde jos kolmaskin. Tul ny ees käymään, pääset kotiinki sitte taas.
24.4.2024 News

The renovated Eteläranta street invites visitors to enjoy starting from the May 1st

It is now official: the second phase of Jokikeskus (river centre) of Pori is being finished and you can admire it from May 1st forwards as most of the region will be opened to the public. Many of the services in the region will also open and prepare themselves for the coming summer season in a revised environment. The last construction site structures will be removed by the beginning of June.

Sustainable tourism in Yyteri 

Yyteri in Pori is the first Finnish destination to be granted the Blue Flag certificate in the beach category. Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognised eco-labels awarded to beaches, marinas and sustainable boating tourism operators. 
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Find your adventure in Pori's central park

When children hear that Kirjurinpuisto has a playground the size of nearly five football fields, they rarely need any more convincing. But how about adults? What does Kirjurinluoto offer if you are travelling in the company of adults? Let’s find out, but first, we will talk about children.
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A maritime national park filled with experiences

Get to know the Pori coast and archipelago in the Bothnian Sea National Park. Stretching from Kustavi in the south to Merikarvia in the north, the park offers maritime travel gems for all tastes and likes. Most of the park’s destinations are islands, the most popular of which are Säppi and Iso-Enskeri, both of which are accessible to visitors without their own vessel on boat tours organised in the summer. Tickets and timetables can be found online at: