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Accommodation in Yyteri

Yyteri has a wide range of accommodation options. Whether you want to stay in a hotel, a cosy villa or camp in the nature, there is accommodation for every need!

Activities in Yyteri

Don’t be a sissy! Get out there and enjoy the wide range of activities available in Yyteri.

Archipelago road & Ahlainen

Enjoy the proximity of the sea and beautiful scenery on the Pori archipelago road. You’ll also get to visit the idyllic village of Ahlainen.

Kallo & Uniluoto

Kallo is a small rocky island that can be reached by driving straight along National Road 2, even all the way from Helsinki. The atmosphere of Kallo leaves a mark in every visitor’s heart. Next to Kallo is Uniluoto, a seaside neighbourhood where you can sense both the calmness and the restlessness of the sea.


The island’s charming old buildings, the multicultural Reposfääri festival and the exciting fortress are only a few of the experiences available. During the summer season, you can explore Reposaari on walking tours organised by Visit Pori (by order in english) or take a boat trip to Iso-Enskeri.


Yyteri offers sun worship and beach fun on a gorgeous beach as well as various activities all year round, thanks to the Natura-protected dunes, unique nature and excellent services.

A day trip along the coast of Pori

Go on a road trip along Pori's breathtaking coastal roads and take in the stunning scenery and sights of the Bothnian Sea with all your senses. Here's a ready-made itinerary that you can complete in a day!

Outdoor Etiquette

In nature, you are a guest of honour. Thank you for sticking to the Outdoor Etiquette so that our precious nature destinations are preserved for the future!

Bothnian Sea National Park

Stretching from Kustavi to Merikarvia, the Bothnian Sea National Park invites you for an adventure on its waves and shores.
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Winter activities in Yyteri

There's plenty to do in winter in Yyteri! Spend an active day sledging, skiing or adventuring on the hiking trails.