If you are gasping for a coffee, there are plenty of cafés in the Pori region. Of course, they also offer tea and sweet treats. Many cafés also offer snacks or light lunch.
Maalaisaamiainen Harjun Tuvassa

Lunch restaurant and café Harjun Tupa

Interested in lunch, café treats and snacks or an abundant countryside breakfast?
ABC Tikkulan ravintolasali

ABC Tikkula

Refreshments for yourself and your car, 24/7.
Cafe Pori Jazz

Cafe Pori Jazz

A summer oasis in a lush natural setting. The massively popular Cafe Pori Jazz is once again open every day in the...
Forsell Bakeryn suklaa-kirsikkaleivokset

Forsell Bakery

A French-style café and confectionary shop, where all baked goods are made on site.