Summer swimming season is here

The official swimming season starts on Saturday 1 June, when the city's official beaches open. The safety of the beaches is checked by diving and water quality is regularly monitored. Taking care of your own water safety is particularly important for those swimming in outdoor waters.

The City of Pori maintains several public beaches, which are equipped with changing rooms, toilets, a life ring and a notice board.

Starting on 15 June, beach lifeguards have been deployed this summer at the beaches of Yyteri and Kirjurinluoto. However, the responsibility for ensuring water safety lies first and foremost with the swimmers themselves. Swimmers should not go swimming intoxicated or alone, and they should always look out for a friend. Swimming from deep to shallow or parallel to the shore can help to ensure that you don’t accidentally drift too deep into the water.

Pori’s public beaches

Yyteri (Yyterin santojentie 1, 28840 Pori)

Kirjurinluoto (Kirjurinluoto, Pori)

Ahlainen (Ämttööntie 50, 29700 Ahlainen)

Uniluoto (Kallontie 12, 28840 Pori)

Lontoo beach, Reposaari (Aallonmurtaja, 28900 Pori)

Rudanmaa beach (Laviantie 1445, 29600 Noormarkku)

Kukkulankallio beach, Ruosniemi (Liitostie 84, 28220 Pori)

Ruutujärvi beach (Yyterin santojentie 1, 28840 Pori)

Noormarkku (Finpyyntie 3, 29600 Noormarkku)

Varvinranta, Lyttylä (Kanikarintie 11, 28190 Pori)

Lavijärvi (Niemenperäntie 12, 38600 Lavia)