The summer in Kirjurinluoto is full of activities – come and explore the diverse range of services in the area

Known as the central park of Pori, Kirjurinluoto offers splendid surroundings for outdoor activities and relaxation. Vinkkari, the traffic park providing useful and fun activities for the youngest family members, opens to the public on Tuesday, and the animals return to their summer homes in Kirjurinluoto in the coming days. As a novelty, lifeguard supervision will commence at Kirjurinluoto Beach in mid-June.

At Vinkkari Traffic Park, known for teaching important traffic rules through play with various vehicles such as pedal cars and bikes, children aged 4 to 10 can cruise along the play road adorned with real traffic signs and lights. Vinkkari is open from June 4th to August 11th, Tuesday to Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm and weekends from 11 am to 2 pm.

“Driving sessions last for half an hour each and change every half and full hour. Sessions are free but very popular, so it’s advisable to pick up your driving session ticket upon arrival at Kirjurinluoto,” suggests district gardener Esa Rouvali.

While waiting for your turn, you can visit popular attractions like Pelle Hermanni’s pirate ship or the accessible music playground. Spread across three hectares, the playground offers a vast array of play areas, slides, and climbing frames suitable for different ages. This week, familiar summer residents, including alpacas, goats, and birds, return to Kirjurinluoto. City animal caretakers handle feeding and cleaning of enclosures. Visitors can pet and feed alpacas and goats with dandelions or grass, but giving ice cream or other treats is prohibited.

Summer events liven up life at Kirjurinluoto from the last weekend of June to the end of August. Iskelmä Festival kicks off the season on June 28th-29th, followed by Pori Jazz from July 12th-20th. At the end of July, Kirvatsin Jytä rocks on July 31st, followed by Porispere on August 2nd-3rd and the family-friendly Minispere on August 4th. The climax of August is the new Porin Venetsialaiset event on August 30th-31st.

New this year is lifeguard supervision at Kirjurinluoto Beach. Lifeguards will be present daily from June 15th to August 15th from 12 pm to 2:30 pm and from 2:50 pm to 6 pm.

“Kirjurinluoto Beach is located on the bank of the fast-flowing Kokemäenjoki River, and due to currents, changes may occur in the riverbed. Therefore, it’s crucial for swimmers to stay within the buoy-marked swimming area,” reminds district gardener Minna Murtomäki.

Amidst play and refreshment, Kirjurinluoto also offers splendid settings for outdoor activities and enjoying nature in the lush national urban park. For instance, the popular Polsanluoto trail winds through a natural environment, partly along duckboards, and features a hand-pulled ferry. Those interested in floral beauty can admire tree, shrub, and flower species thriving in Satakunta at Hanhipuisto.

For more information on activities and services at Kirjurinluoto, visit the Visit Pori website.