The renovated Eteläranta street invites visitors to enjoy starting from the May 1st

It is now official: the second phase of Jokikeskus (river centre) of Pori is being finished and you can admire it from May 1st forwards as most of the region will be opened to the public. Many of the services in the region will also open and prepare themselves for the coming summer season in a revised environment. The last construction site structures will be removed by the beginning of June.

The Eteläranta street is designed to be “the outdoor living room of the entire city” which offers a place for experiences and gatherings at the Kokemäenjoki river right next to its nature and events. The renovated Eteläranta will offer from the beginning a lot to see and to experience.

In front of the art museum of Pori on Taideaukio (square of art) a work of art is being built by the beginning of June. The artwork can be admired throughout the summer. During the midsummer week there is an opening event organized by Porikorttelit and the local businesses at Tapahtuma-aukio (the event square) next to the bridge of Pori, and after the midsummer SuomiAreena’s Rantalava with its program will start. Other events will follow throughout the summer.

“Eteläranta is an exceptionally fine place for events and suits for different kind of events as well. It would be great if the city residents would be eager to organize smaller events and gatherings there such as flea markets, group exercises or gigs. The events bring people to Eteläranta, but the region is worthwhile just to come by to admire. From the tourism point of view, it is magnificent”, says the events expert of the city of Pori, Eija Joensuu.

Better transportation connections and new services

The renovations of the region of Eteläranta will bring the riverside nature even closer to the city centre. The beach wall has built in nesting places for swallows, and the promenade alongside the entire Jokikeskus is also renovated.

“The stairs of the Taavi bridge will be renovated to be less steep, which makes the access to Kirjurinluoto easier and enables easier walkaround in the beautiful scenery of the national city park. The status of the national city park and the nationally significantly built cultural environment will be clear in the project, because we have followed these values and principles in the construction of the area”, states the chief of investments of the city of Pori, Sanna Välimäki.

The project Jokikeskus is significant considering the tourists coming to city. The events of Kirjurinluoto will take the event visitors through Eteläranta to the events area in Kirjurinluoto.

“Traveling by bike has been significantly improved in Pori during the last few years, and at Eteläranta one can find the start of a biking route called The Bothnian Sea Experience Route. The region is overall an excellent place to tour and admire the landscape by biking or on foot”, says Välimäki.

Boating services have been improved and one can enjoy the scenery at the river on a boat. The marina is located at Eteläranta and at the renovated premises of Rantamakasiini boat guest services are being organized for the people traveling by boat.