In the summer, buses run to Yyteri as often as every half an hour, and Cityline makes a stop at Pormestarinluoto

In the public transportation of Pori, summer schedules will be implemented starting Monday, June 3, 2024. The schedules will be released in spring. Changes are expected in routes and departures towards Yyteri, Pormestarinluoto, and Ahlainen.

“Yyteri is a flagship destination for tourism in Pori, which is why the frequency of services during the school summer holidays will be increased. Improving accessibility to Yyteri through public transportation contributes to the realization of sustainable tourism goals,” explains Seppo Salonen, Head of Environmental Planning Unit.

At its best, buses will transport passengers between the city center and Yyteri every half hour. In addition to swimmers and sunbathers, residents of Länsi-Pori, Kyläsaari, and Pihlava will benefit from more frequent services. During the summer, the quickest and shortest route to Yyteri will be served from the city center by the familiar line 44, which extends its route from Yyteri to Reposaari.

Cityline will experiment with a stop at Pormestarinluoto for the summer season on one trip.

During the summer, an experiment will be conducted to assess the performance of minibuses and schedules for Cityline if its route were extended from Puuvilla to Pormestarinluoto. Line 12 to Pormestarinluoto will run throughout the summer according to its own schedule. Additionally, one trip will be added to Cityline between Kauppatori – Puuvilla – Pormestarinluoto, designated as route 1P. The aim of this additional trip is to maintain public transportation services for residents and workers along the route of line 12 while finding cost-effective solutions for future years.

“Pormestarinluoto has established, extensive, and continuous use of public transportation throughout the day. There are no regularly occurring peak congestion periods in the statistics collected by the fare collection device. During the summer, we will examine how passengers from Puuvilla to Pormestarinluoto find the same minibus and listen to feedback from passengers and drivers regarding the trip’s functionality,” says Salonen.

The new Cityline route 1P overlaps with line 1 between Paratiisinmäki and Puuvilla’s courtyard. From there, route 1P follows the route of line 12 via Isosannanpuistokatu, Kolitie, and Alahangantie to Keulantie, returning the same way to Puuvilla’s courtyard.

In the summer of 2024, approximately the same number of trips will be operated as in the summer of 2023. Passenger numbers for early mornings and late evenings have been reviewed based on data collected by fare collection devices during the winter season. Less utilized trips have been discontinued, and service frequency has been increased on the most popular routes.

At the end of the school year, the trip departing from Ahlainen at 5:50 a.m. on line 66A will be discontinued. The trip has not attracted enough passengers, so it will run for the last time on May 31, 2024.

All schedules for Pori’s public transportation can be found in the route planner and on Pori’s public transportation website. Summer schedules will be published in the spring.