International coastal guides are graduating for the Pori region.

Pori, Eurajoki, and Rauma collaborated to organize an international area guide training, from which 17 coastal guides have just graduated. The guide course was unique because usually the course is always organized on a municipality-specific basis. This time, the region covered the entire coastline from Rauma through Eurajoki to Pori.

It’s very exciting that we were able to organize the course in collaboration, and now we have international guides who can guide the entire coastal area. We can better meet the needs of international tourist groups,” says tourism expert Maria Rasmussen.

During the training, guides gained a broad understanding of the region’s tourist attractions and comprehensive general knowledge from history to the present. Guides can be booked directly through the municipalities, and in Pori, this can be done through Visit Pori.

The graduates are authorized guides approved by the Finnish Guide Association in Eurajoki, Pori, and Rauma. They are also language guides who can guide tourists in all three municipalities. In addition to Finnish, all guides also provide guidance in English. Many of the graduates also guide in Swedish and German, as well as in French, Spanish, and even Icelandic.

The training met the requirements of the Finnish Guide Association and was completed entirely during the year 2023. The trainer for the area guide course was Pirjo Jaakkola, a guide from Eurajoki, Pori, and Rauma. The area guide course was divided into the spring and autumn semesters and included on-site visits and expert lectures in addition to classroom teaching.