Construction works in Yyteri – be careful when moving in the area

Constructions of the new information building and Golfpolku route require caution when moving in the area.

The construction of a weather shelter has begun at the Yyteri information building site. The ridge of the massive structure will rise to almost 18 metres. Due to the transport involved in the construction work, people are already advised to exercise caution in the area.

The weather shelter will ensure that the building materials and structures of the new Yyter information building remain dry. The new information building will replace the former building in Yyteri Square (Kortejärventie 1).

During the construction period, caution is advised when moving in the area. The site is fenced off, but drivers, cyclists and pedestrians should pay particular attention to vehicles in the area.

– We would like to remind you that the Yyteri beach can also be reached via the Yyteri Spa Hotel at Sipintie 1. There is also free parking along Sipintie. The City of Pori apologises for any inconvenience caused by the work, says Tove Vesterbacka, Yyteri Specialist.

Yyteri’s new information building will be completed by July 2024. When completed, the building will offer tourist information, free-use space and year-round toilet facilities. The year-round nature of the building will facilitate access to the area and improve the level of service in the area outside the summer season.

With the construction of the new info building, the barbecue area at Yyterinaukio has been moved on the dunes. The barbecue area is accessed by walking around the right-hand side of the construction site and up the asphalt road onto the dunes.

The Yyteri Golf Trail’s boardwalk will be made accessible and more passable. The old plank has been at ground level, while the new one will be lifted out of the ground and made of wood. It will also be slightly widened. Work will start in week 40 and is estimated to finish in week 48. The works will affect traffic in the area.

The boardwalk on the golf path starts at the Surf Centre of the Yyteri Spa Hotel and ends at the windsurfing beach (purjelautaranta). In the image below, is the approximate location of the path.

– A new, accessible route will be built on top of the existing material. At the same time, two disabled parking spaces will be reserved at both ends of the path,” explains Mika Suojanen, construction engineer at the City of Pori.

For safety reasons, it is not allowed to move around the unfinished construction area during the works. Unfinished areas under construction can be bypassed via the beach or the forest. Those walking dogs should remember that dogs are not allowed on the beach.

Alternatively, autumn walks in Yyteri can be enjoyed at the other end of the beach. Yyteri has a variety of outdoor trails to enjoy the autumn. For more information on Yyteri’s hiking trails, click here.