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Go with a guide - you will see and experience more with a guide! You can explore Pori on a ready-made tour or have a tour tailored to suit the needs of your group.
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Come and explore the diverse sights and attractions of Pori!

Whether you are alone, a couple, a family, or a group, Pori offers endless opportunities for exploring the city, the sights, nature and the archipelago. Explore the history of the city on a walking tour, step into the world of architecture and art, or blow away the cobwebs on a boat tour along the coast! There is something for everyone. You can find the scheduled summer tours and excursions here, take your pick!

The qualified guides are members of the Pori Association of Tour Guides and offer their services in several languages besides Finnish, such as Swedish, English, Russian, German and Spanish.

You can recognise a qualified guide by their golden or silver GUIDE badge.

Guides and Tours

You can book a guided tour in advance and tailor the duration, route and theme of the tour according to the wishes of your group. You can also book a guide through Visit Pori for a guided bus tour, a walking tour and themed tours. All guided tours are charged based on the duration of the tour. Exceptions of this apply to themed tours, walking tours, boat tours and cruises that are priced separately. Tours can be guided in Finnish, English, Swedish, Russian, Spanish and German. The additional language charge is 25%. The prices include the tour guide fee, a commission fee, and 24% VAT.The minimum charge is for 1 hour. The tour guide fees do not include transport. The duration of the tour is as agreed.


If a tour is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the start of the agreed tour, a fee for one hour will be charged. Tours cancelled on the same day or not cancelled and unused are subject to a full charge.


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