Yyteri activities

Yyteri offers services for those interested in activities or building up a sweat. Outdoor enthusiasts are in for a treat, on land and sea. There is also room for relaxing and recovering.
Sup-lautailua Yyterissä / kuva Anne Kärki
Photo: Visit Pori/ Anne Kärki

There is plenty of sand and the sky is the limit to creativity. Yyteri offers countless activities for families with children and other light-footed visitors. As well as the beach, you can dip in the pools in the spa, conquer dozens of kilometres of hiking trails, climb the ropes in the adventure park, or pop in the lookout tower for great views.

HORSEBACK RIDING You can go horseback riding at Yyteri in the western style, or explore nature on a guided riding tour. Endless gravel roads and paths criss-cross the forest; you can go exploring for hours. A riding tour on the Yyteri beaches is an unforgettable experience!

WINDSURFING Yyteri is also the best place for beginning windsurfers. Favourable winds and shallow waters are excellent for learning the basics and enjoying the waves.

SUP BOARDING Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is kind of surfing on a larger board, paddling while standing up. It is great for the whole family and guaranteed to take your mind off your worries. It is easy to stay on the board, especially in calm waters.

CYCLING Yyteri offers dozens of kilometres of cycling routes, from paved roads to gravel paths. The fresh sea breeze will keep you cool and you can enjoy the varied scenery of forests and the sea. You can also rent bikes and fat bikes.

RUNNING The sandy soil along the coastline makes for a great running surface. You can run on the sand for six kilometres one way, and back, and the scenery is absolutely unique. The Yyteri area also has more than 30 kilometres of hiking trails of various kinds!

CLIMBING One of Finland’s highest outdoor climbing walls has been built on the wall of the Yyteri lookout tower.  The view from almost 40 metres is guaranteed to take your breath away. You can also abseil down from the roof of the lookout tower, at the height of 60 metres. If you have the guts, it will be worth it!

ADVENTURES Enjoy the Yyteri nature in a brand new way: negotiate the courses way up high among the trees, test your balance and leap to the next level, relying on your safety wire. There are courses for everyone: the small and the tall, the experienced and the cautious ones.

GAMES If you get bored just sunbathing, you can get sweaty on the courses at and near the beach. There are excellent facilities for beach football or a beach volleyball tournament. You can also rent equipment for a variety of sports, such as disc golf, tennis, badminton, pétanque, or the Finnish speciality, mölkky.

GOLF The gold course near the beach offers the golf enthusiasts unique scenery for a game. The course is built to follow the landscape and the numerous water hazards and sand dunes make the game even more interesting. Thanks to the sandy soil, the golf season at Yyteri tends to be long, from April until late in the autumn. You can find a refurbished mini golf course at the camping site.

BATHING The combination of the spa’s warm waters, massaging waterfalls, jacuzzi and the Turkish and Finnish saunas is guaranteed to refresh both the mind and the body. The younger ones can have great fun in the activity pool and on the slide.

SWIMMING Leave your worries behind and take a dip in the sea, let the waves soothe you. Take your morning work out to a new level with the water adding resistance and the soft, uneven sandy bottom increasing the challenge.