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The Yyteri area boasts more than 30 km of hiking trails and up to 15 viewing towers and platforms for all outdoor enthusiasts – free of charge and all year round.
Yyterinniemen retkeilyreitiltä

Yyterinniemen retkeilyreitiltä, by Visit Pori

In addition to the astounding beach, Yyteri is a hub of unique nature experiences.

Yyteri sands

Yyteri sands are one of the few active dune areas in Finland. What makes the Yyteri dunes especially valuable is the development stages of the dune types. The development begins on the shoreline, where new dunes are created as a result of land uplift and the sand brought in by the waves and the wind. Read more about the protected dune types and the dune restoration projects. You can explore the Yyteri sands on the 5.3 km route, Santojen lenkki.

Yyteri wetlands

Just south of the dunes is an area known as the Yyteri wetlands, an area of unique birdlife. The wetlands are a particular nesting favourite of waders. The wetlands are also a great place to watch the migration of arctic species, one of the greatest events in birdwatching. It is easy to observe the migrating birds that stop there to feed and rest. Sometimes the birds come there in the thousands.

The wetlands route (Lietteiden lenkki)

The wetlands are around 3-5 km from the sand dunes, depending on where you start. You can also take the longer route and take in parts of the Bothnian Sea National Park. The route is marked with signs and the wetlands area is covered with duckboards. There are several platforms along the route for watching the wetlands area.

There are also several shorter routes in the Yyteri area.

You can use the Get Outdoors in Pori map application to explore the routes. You can also use the app on mobile devices. The service combines the informative images, text and route data with stories (In Finnish). You can take your mobile phone along and start exploring, the app will show your location on the story map.

How to get to the wetlands by car

Method 1)
You can park your car at the Yyteri camping site or the carpark in the crossroads of Yyterinsantojentie and Kortejärventie, just after Yyteri Laguuni. The same place where you would park your car if you were going swimming.
Method 2)
Note! There are many ways to access the route, these are just some of the easiest ones.
You can set out at Huhtalanraitti and park your car at the accessible nature platform of Langoura. Set your satnav for the following address: Huhtalanraitti 206, Pori.