See and experience the sights and attractions in Pori. Nature sites, museums, architecture... Make your plans here! You can also find things to show your visitors from out of town here.
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Suomen Hyötytuuli’s information centre, Reposaari

Tuulipuiston läheisyydessä Reposaaren maantien varrella sijaitsee Suomen Hyötytuulen Opastuskeskus.
Porin kaupungintalo

Pori Town Hall

Built by Robert Junnelius and Hugo Rosenlew for their families, the building is also known as the Junnelius palace...
Keski-Porin kirkko

Keski-Pori church

The Gothic Revival church in Keski-Pori was built in 1859–1863.
Juseliuksen mausoleumi

Jusélius mausoleum

One of Pori’s most popular sights.
Juseliuksen mausoleumi Käppärän hautausmaalla

Käppärä Cemetery

Käppärä Cemetery is located in the Käppärä district. Burials at the old cemetery in Hampustenmäki were...
Selkämeren kansallispuistoa / kuva Seijä Väre

Bothnian Sea National Park

Feel the surf and spindrift of the sea, listen to the ripple of the waves and look far to the open sea!
Kirjurinluoto ilmakuva


Opposite Eteläranta, in the middle of the Kokemäenjoki River, is Pori’s own central park, the Kirjurinluoto Park....

Satakunta Museum

A history museum with exhibitions on the history of Satakunta and Pori.

The old town centre and Kokemäenjoki river

The shore block urban houses and public buildings built after the old town fire in 1852 form one of the most...
Alvar Aallon Terassitalo

Alvar Aalto’s Terraced House in Kauttua, Eura

A place where architecture, interior design and art come together.
Ahlaisten kirkko ja kellotapuli

Ahlainen church

The church of Ahlainen is the oldest church in Pori.
Leineperin ruukin sepänpaja

Leineperi ironworks

Ironworks milieu in Ulvila offers a peaceful cultural environment.
Vuojoen Kartano

Vuojoki Manor

A pearl of tourism in Satakunta offers diverse tourism services for private individuals as well as groups.

Pori Art Museum

A museum of contemporary art built around Professor Maire Gullichsen’s collection in 1981.
Kauppatorilta löydät lähituottajien vihannekset, kukat yms.

Market Square

Pori’s traditional Market Square is located centrally in the very heart of the city. Together with the Market Hall...
Yyterin lietteillä

Nature Observation Towers

The vast dune areas, meadows and silt areas renowned for their birdlife and the Bothnian Sea Natural Park offer...
Hanhipuiston näyttelypuutarha

Hanhipuisto Park

The Hanhipuisto park is located on the Hanhiluoto islet, just one kilometre from the city centre, in the...

Ark Nature Centre

Presents the Satakunta region, focusing on natural habitats of the Bothnian Sea and the river Kokemäenjoki.
Porin vesitorni

Pori water tower

Pori water tower is a recognisable landmark on the west side of the centre of Pori.

Iso-Enskeri, Seliskeri and Munakari islands

These three islands in the Bothnian Sea National Park are popular destinations among boaters. You can get to the...
Porin ortodoksinen kirkko

Orthodox Church of Pori

The Orthodox Church of Pori, or the Church of Saint John the Theologian, is located opposite to Käppärä Cemetery...

Reposaari Takaranta Shore

The Takaranta shore of Reposaari is a rocky shoreline running for a few kilometres.
Herrainpäivien luontopolku sopii koko perheelle.

Nature trails and routes in Pori

Pori is close to nature, and diverse nature and hiking trails can be found both near and afar.

Reposaari fortress

A coastal defence system in Reposaari, Pori, built in the 1930s.
Junnila, reposaari

Marine milieu in Junnila, Reposaari

The milieu of the Junnila camp centre in Reposaari is beyond compare. Junnila offers both sea and lake sceneries.
Lavian kirkko

Lavia church

The Lavia church was completed in 1823.
Porin vanha rautatiesilta sumuaamuna

Old railway bridge

Old rusty railway bridge between Isojoenranta and Kalaholma which is popular especially among photography...
Kauhaneva sumussa

Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark

Experience the serenity and mystique of the wild mires and discover the traces of the past geological drama.
Lenkkeilijä metsäpolulla

Pori Forest

Pori Forest is an outdoors and recreational area full of trails situated in the vicinity of the centre of Pori.


Reposaari is an idyllic island of wooden buildings, like a fascinating miniature town.

Renovation Centre Toivo

Exhibition of methods and materials for renovation and living in Pori from the 1820’s to 1950’s.
Kaljaasi Ihana

Galeas Ihana

Come, see, smell and experience the old-time atmosphere on an authentic sailing ship, the galeas Ihana!
Ahlaisten kylänraittia


Culture and nature come together at Ahlainen.
Lammas MuuMaassa

Koivuniemen Herran MuuMaa Farm

The absolute highlights of a countryside adventure for the whole family!
Rosenlew-museo ulkoa

Rosenlew Museum

The Museum presents and stores the industrial cultural heritage of Satakunta province.
Yyterin ranta


Six kilometres of soft sand to sink your toes in, to sunbathe on, and to admire the sea for as far as you can see.
Noormarkun kirkko

Noormarkku church

Built in the same location where the previous wooden church burned down in the turmoil of the Civil War.
Ahlströmin Ruukit Villa Mairea

Alvar Aalto in Satakunta

Explore Alvar Aalto locations in Ruukinpuisto, Kauttua and Noormarkku. Villa Mairea is situated in Noormarkku and ...


Experience magnificent autumn storms and a touch of sailor romance

Pori Old Town Hall

Presents Neoclassicism and it is one of the few buildings that survived the 1852 fire.
Poriginal galleria

Poriginal Gallery

Presents contemporary Finnish and Satakunta art, without forgetting the international point of view.
Reposaaren norjalaistyylinen tunturikirkko kuvattuna aurinkoisena päivänä.

Reposaari church

Representing a "Norwegian style" architecture.