We monitor site usage

In Visit Pori’s web services, we use cookies in order to monitor how the site is being used, so we can further improve our service. Users cannot be recognized through cookies or other used methods.

Use of cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text-file that is sent and stored in a user’s local computer or mobile device. These files are used for various purposes, including site usage monitoring and to perform specific site-functionalities.

Site usage data allows us to collect feedback about how users are experiencing our site, and in turn we can use that feedback to improve our services. Cookies do not harm the user’s computer or files. We use them in a manner that lets us serve our customers according to their needs.

Cookies are utilized with Google Analytics-monitoring, Hotjar-polls and Facebook Pixel-tracking.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics monitors site usage data. The data is anonymized, and they cannot be used to recognize the user. The data is comprised of statistical information that we utilize in order to improve our web services.

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Hotjar cookies collect anonymous user inputs. The goal is to improve the sites usability and analyse various methods, in which the site is being used.

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Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel – cookies monitor the site usage between our web services and Facebook’s services. In addition to this, it can also perform retargeted advertising, which can be used to serve advertising that is related to the user’s interests.

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If you are browsing the and your browser is set to receive cookies, we will interpret this as your consent for allowing the use of cookies.

Blocking cookies

If a user browsing site does not consent the use of cookies, they can prevent cookie-tracking by enabling their browsers Do Not Track (DNT)-setting. Most popular browsers support this feature, and have it built in their respective settings-menus. Users are advised to consult their respective browsers instructions for enabling this setting.

It is important to note however, that some cookies are necessary for providing vital functionality for certain web services. Disabling cookies can therefore lead to a defective user experience.