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Take a guided tour of Pori!

Get to know Pori, the city of the river and sea. Explore the history of the city and step into the world of architecture and art. Fall in love with the river and the archipelago that is part of the Bothnian Sea National Park – we really have something for everyone. In addition to the ready tours, we can plan a tour programme according to the wishes of your group.  Get in touch – let’s work together and make it happen!

See and experience more with a guide!

Our guides are qualified and authorised tour guides. We can plan the theme, route and duration of the tour according to the wishes of your group. All tours are charged based on the duration, with the exception of themed walking tours that are not charged according to the price list below.

GUIDE TOURS using the group’s own vehicle

A city tour will take at least one hour. A 1-hour tour gives the visitors a good general view of the city and the sights from the outside. More time is required if you wish to get to know the coastal Pori; Yyteri, Reposaari, Ahlainen, Mäntyluoto, etc. Get in touch – we can work together and make it happen.
Guided tours can be booked throughout the year.

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Tourist information, by Visit Pori

Charges for guided tours in Finnish 2021 (unless otherwise stated, e.g., themed tours, walking tours...) 

Charges for guided tours in finnish 2022

1 hourEUR 79,00 €EUR 156,00
1½ hoursEUR 102,00EUR 202,00
2 hoursEUR 125,00EUR 249,00
2½ hoursEUR 149,00EUR 296,00
3 hoursEUR 172,00EUR 343,00
3½ hoursEUR 196,00EUR 390,00
4 hoursEUR 219,00EUR 438,00
4½ hoursEUR 242,00EUR 485,00
5 hoursEUR 265,00EUR 531,00
5½ hoursEUR 289,00EUR 578,00
6 hoursEUR 313,00

EUR 625,00

Charges for guided tours in other languages 2022

Other languagesWeekdaysSundays
1 hoursEUR 92,00EUR 165,00
1½ hoursEUR 119,00EUR 214,00
2 hoursEUR 147,00EUR 263,00
2½ hoursEUR 174,00EUR 313,00
3 hoursEUR 202,00EUR 363,00
3½ hoursEUR 229,00EUR 412,00
4 hoursEUR 256,00EUR 462,00
4½ hoursEUR 284,00EUR 511,00
5 hoursEUR 311,00EUR 560,00
5½ hoursEUR 339,00EUR 610,00
6 hoursEUR 367,00EUR 660,00

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