Yyteri activities

Yyteri offers services for those interested in activities or building up a sweat. Outdoor enthusiasts are in for a treat, on land and sea. There is also room for relaxing and recovering.


Family paradise

An experience for adults, an adventure for children – the beach is endless and the sky is the limit to creativity. Six kilometres of soft sand and the sea continue as far as the eye can see. Yyteri - round the year.


Birdwatchers’ paradise

More than 30 km of hiking trails and up to 15 viewing towers and platforms for all outdoor enthusiasts – free of charge, all year round. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

Nelihenkinen perhe vaeltamassa Yyterin lietteiden  pitkospuilla

Active Yyteri

An experience for adults, an adventure for children – Unlimited sand, unlimited creativity. Yyteri offers a wide range of activities for families and those quick on their feet. Instead of a spending a day on the beach, you can dip into the hotel spa pools, set out on the kilometres-long hiking trails, climb the ropeways at the adventure park or visit the observation tower to enjoy the best views of Yyteri.


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