Yyteri is an unforgettable destination and the pride of Pori. Yyteri is an experience for people of all ages and there is plenty to do on the beach. Six kilometres of soft sand to sink your toes in, to sunbathe on, and to admire the sea for as fa as you can see.
Yyterin ranta

Picture: Visit Pori/Hannu Ikonen


Yyteri beach is part of the internationally acknowledged Natura and nature conservation area. The land area of Yyteri beach is owned by the City of Pori and it comprises the beach area, two toilets, wooden footpaths along the beach, stairs in the beach area, the entrance area to the beach along with the barbeque area and carpark. The total recreation area is around 39 hectares.  Yyteri is open every day of the year, not just in the summer.

The board displaying the water quality information is on the outside wall of the changing rooms by the entrance to the beach.

Services in the summer season 2021

In 2021, the summer season in Yyteri is from the beginning of June to the end of August.

Between 15 June and 15 August, there is a lifeguard at the beach daily.

During the summer season, the changing rooms and toilets are open daily at 10-21.

Barbeque area

The barbeque area by the entrance to the beach is open during the summer season of 2021, and wood will be provided.

Also, there is a new barbeque area that opened in September 2021. The new area is opposite the Munakari, on Yyteri beachside.

Munakarin uusi nuotiopaikka kuvattuna merelle päin
Munakarin uusi nuotiopaikka, by Toni Mailanen

Dog beach

The dog beach is at Merisatamantie 13. There is visitor carpark opposite the Port of Pori building, on the other side of the road. There is a path to the beach from the carpark. You can also come here using local buses 31, 31K, 37 or 40M.

Yyterin koiraranta
Yyterin koiraranta, by Visit Pori


There is plenty of sand and the sky is the limit to creativity. Yyteri offers countless activities for families with children and other light-footed visitors.

If you fancy a break from the beach, the Yyteri Hotel & Spa invites you for a splash in the pools, or why not stop by the Yyteri Viewing Tower for some beautiful views? You can go birdwatching in the midst of beautiful nature, or book a boat tour and explore the sea.  You could also go to Adventure Park Huikee, where there are courses for everyone: the small and the tall, the experienced and the cautious ones.

There are also plenty of other activities in the area. There is something to do for everyone.

Huikee Seikkailupuiston iloinen liitäjä valjaiden varassa
Huikee Seikkailupuiston iloinen liitäjä valjaiden varassa, by Visit Pori

Hiking routes and trails

In addition to the Yyteri sands, you can head for the Yyteri wetlands, a particular favourite of waders. We do recommend the wetlands to all birdwatchers. The wetlands are around 3-5 km from the sand dunes, depending on where you start. You can also take the longer route and take in parts of the Bothnian Sea National Park. The route is marked with signs and the wetlands area is covered with duckboards. Thanks to the numerous platforms, access to the wetlands is easy. There are in fact several platforms and 15 viewing towers for nature enthusiasts along the route. Meanwhile, there are more than 30 kilometres of hiking trails.

Yyteri retkeily
Yyteri retkeily, by Visit Pori / Anssi Koskinen

Accommodation and restaurant services

Yyteri has accommodation and restaurant services to keep you comfortable. Accommodation alternatives in Yyteri include hotels, a camping site and cottages. For more details of accommodation and restaurant services in Yyteri, see here.

Virkistyshotelli Yyteri
Virkistyshotelli Yyteri, by Visit Pori / Virkistyshotelli Yyteri