Getting around in Pori

Pori is the promised land of one-way streets and roundabouts, so pay attention when driving. People in Pori like driving and they will make room for you.
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Park your car and hop on a local bus! Walking or cycling is also easy in Pori. The city is compact in size and the terrain is fairly flat.

You can find carparks around Pori. For more detailed information on parking and fees, please visit the City of Pori website. (Currently only in Finnish.) The Sokos department store and the Isokarhu and Puuvilla shopping centres also have carparks that are free with a parking disc, with time limits.

Local buses operated by Porin Linjat are handy for getting around in Pori. You can catch a bus at the market square, and some buses at the Travel Centre. The local city buses are handy and affordable for travelling within central Pori. You can buy a single ticket from the driver with cash or use the Kyyti likel App. Tourists can also buy a tourist ticket with unlimited travel within the city of Pori for one, two or three days. Only the ticket holder may use the tourist ticket.

In English you can use Google maps to get directions and bus timetables in Pori.

Walking or cycling is also an easy way of getting around in Pori. There are plenty of cycling and walking routes. You can also rent a city bike from the City Service Centre Porina (Yrjönkatu 6 B).

Finland’s first pedestrian street, Kävis, was opened in Pori in 1977.

To Yyteri

Buses number 34 and 37 depart to Yyteri from the Travel Centre. You can buy the ticket (EUR 5.50) with cash from the driver, and the buses run approx. once every hour.

In English you can use Google maps to get directions and bus timetables to Yyteri.

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