Finnish forest and magic

Finnish forest and macig
Finnish forest and macig

Wellbeing trip to nature and mythology.

Finland’s Nordic Taiga forests are full of wild food, and during this trip you will forage for seasonal wild berries, mushrooms and herbs – the fresh, clean and powerful fruits of the forest.

 Research tells us about the many benefits of immersing ourselves in nature and spending time in the forest. More than 70% of Finland is covered in forest, making it the world’s most forested country. Its forests are large, well-cared for and peaceful places for everyone to enjoy.

 Finnish people place great importance on their freedom to roam, which ensures that everyone can wander, pick berries and mushrooms, fish and camp in the forests for free. Enjoy peaceful wandering in the forest, allowing it to fill you with peace and silence. Take a little break and lay or sit down on the moss to relax. It will reduce your blood pressure and give you peace of both mind and body.

After one hour of guided and relaxing hiking we will go the Lappish-style teepee hut for a break. You will have the possibility to taste seasonal forest fruits. Coffee and wild herbs infusion brewed over an open fire will be served with seasonal pie. That will give you the taste of Nordic nightless nights. Long daylight hours give a magical and strong taste for all the berries and plants.

In the teepee you will be surprised by the Finnish mythology. ”Healing Shaman” will play the traditional shaman drum by an open fire. During this trip you will experience the touch of Finnish Magic in many ways.

Duration: 3 hours
Location: Ahlainen (one-way bus trip takes around 30 minutes)
Group size: min. 15 -  max. 50 pax.

Walking: about 1 km
Available for disabled: No

What´s included:
• Guiding in the bus and in nature
• Drumming
• Open-fire coffee or wild herbs infusion
• Seasonal pie

Note: During the summer in the forest there might be mosquitos.

Toilet: available only on the bus

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