Sea and river cruises

The archipelago gets under your skin. The ever-changing Pori archipelago nature, created by land uplift, is best explored by boat. The outer stretches of the archipelago outside Pori are largely unbuilt and beautifully rugged. The Bothnian Sea National Park extends from Luvia to Merikarvia in the Pori region, and is mainly located in the outer archipelago.

In summer, local companies organise boat trips and sailing tours to the islands outside Pori.

The Bothnian Sea coast and archipelago, the lighthouses, the river and birdlife will enchant even the most hardened urban dweller. Take a coastal cruise to explore charming excursion harbours, including Säppi and Iso-Enskeri. Go on a sailing tour on galeas Ihana or take a cruise on the M/S Charlotta to experience the full beauty of Kokemäenjoki River.