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Excitement and experiences – let the feeling take you and find the best holiday experiences in Pori.

Yyterin ranta


Six kilometres of soft sand to sink your toes in, to sunbathe on, and to admire the sea for as far as you can see.
Yyteri Golf klubirakennus ilmakuva

Yyteri Golf

The real golf gem of the west coast is located close to the famous Yyteri Beach.

Pori open-air swimming pool

The Pori open-air swimming pool has been a favourite among the locals since it was completed in 1957.

Promenadi Hall

Promenadi Hall, renowned for its acoustics, is located in the very centre of the city.
Herrainpäivien luontopolku sopii koko perheelle.

Nature trails and routes in Pori

Pori is close to nature, and diverse nature and hiking trails can be found both near and afar.
Lapsia liikennepuisto Vinkkarissa

The Children's Traffic Park Vinkkari

Traffic Park Vinkkari is great, children can ride bikes and pedal cars. Playing here will also teach children the...

Fishing boat trip to the Säppi lighthouse island

The nature of Säppi is diverse, and the island attracts both nature tourists and lighthouse enthusiasts.
Leineperin ruukki

Leineperi ironworks

Ironworks milieu in Ulvila offers a peaceful cultural environment.
Yyteri Beach metsähuvila

Yyteri Beach Resort

Sun, sand and sea – a unique resort in the midst of the idyllic sand dunes of Yyteri beach.
Hanhipuiston näyttelypuutarha

Hanhipuisto Park

The Hanhipuisto park is located on the Hanhiluoto islet, just one kilometre from the city centre, in the...
Porin keskustan uimahalli

Pori central swimming hall

The Pori central swimming hall was inaugurated in 2011.
Kaljaasi Ihana

Galeas Ihana

Come, see, smell and experience the old-time atmosphere on an authentic sailing ship, the galeas Ihana!


Kallossa voi kokea reippaiden surffaussäiden lisäksi mahtavia syysmyrskyjä ja ripauksen romantiikkaa.
Yyterin santaa

Yyteri nudist beach

The nudist beach is an approximately one-hectare area fenced in by posts where no swimming suits are used.
Seikkailupuisto Huikee

Adventure Park Huikee

Adventure Park Huikee has activities for all ages; the rope track, fatbikes and the kick scooter track Pumptrack.
Itä-Länsi pesäpallo-ottelut pelataan ensimmäistä kertaa Porissa 3.-4.7.2020.

East-West pesäpallo matches 2021

The world’s best pesäpallo players go up against each other in Finland’s most popular all-star games!
Porin keilahalli

Porin keilahalli - Bowling 4 You

Bowling 4 You is a versatile bowling alley for the whole family.
Pori Sinfonietta

Pori Sinfonietta

Pori Sinfonietta, founded in 1938, is the Pori city orchestra.
Visit Pyhäjärviseutu Eura, Säkylä, Yläne

Pyhäjärvi region – Eura, Säkylä and Yläne

Experience the region’s rich prehistory and captivating natural treasures.
Koivuniemen Herra lehmän nenäpäivä

Koivuniemen Herran MuuMaa Farm

The absolute highlights of a countryside adventure for the whole family!
Iskelmä Festivaali Porissa 26.-27.6.2020.

Iskelmä Festival 2.-3.7.2021

The Finnish popular music festival Iskelmä Festivaali will come to Pori for the first time in the summer of 2021.

Boat trip to Iso-Enskeri

The archipelago gets under your skin. The best way to experience the archipelago off Pori is by boat. Sea-...
Porin lastenkulttuurikeskus vauvojen värikylpy

Pori Centre for Children's Culture

We provide workshops and events for children, youth, families, fathers, mothers and grandparents.
Yyterin koiraranta

Yyteri dog beach

Beach for human's best friend!
Kalafornian Golfkeskus

Kalafornia Golf Course

The golf course close to the city centre and Kirjurinluoto provides various services in addition to golf.
Alvar Aallon Terassitalo

Alvar Aalto’s Terraced House in Kauttua, Eura

A place where architecture, interior design and art come together.
BFS Laiturit

Segelföreningen i Björneborg - BSF r.f.

The home port of Finland's oldest sports club is located in Kallo, of Mäntyluoto.
Kanoottiretki AvecMarja

Avec Marja – Experiences and excursions in nature

Rent a kayak, try canoeing or accommodate at Tallitalo - Garage House.

Iso-Enskeri, Seliskeri and Munakari islands

These three islands in the Bothnian Sea National Park are popular destinations among boaters. You can get to the...
Meri-Porin uimahalli

Meri-Pori swimming hall

The Meri-Pori swimming hall is located in the Pihlava district of Pori.

Rakastajat theatre

Artistically ambitious and socially impactful content!
Lenkkeilijä metsäpolulla

Pori Forest

Pori Forest is an outdoors and recreational area full of trails situated in the vicinity of the centre of Pori.
Kirjurinluodon pitkospuut / kuva Veijo Marin

The Polsanluoto islet

Next to the Hanhipuisto park in the River Kokemäenjoki estuary is the Polsanluoto islet that remains in a natural...
Sahakosken Pirtti panoraamakuva

Sahakoski Cottage

A cosy oasis in a scenic setting, in peaceful wilderness but close to the city.

Lain§uojattomat theatre festival 19.-23.8.2020

Festival for independent theatre companies that has brought the Finnish field of independent theatre together!
Kirjurinluodossa Kokemäenjoen rannalla on kiva viettää aikaa vaikka piknikillä.


Opposite Eteläranta, in the middle of the Kokemäenjoki River, is Pori’s own central park, the Kirjurinluoto Park....
Porispere on yksi Suomen mukavimmista festareista!

Porispere 30.7.-1.8.2021

Iloisen linjaton, äärimmäisen leppoisa ja hauskatunnelmainen festivaali. Yksi paikallisten suosikeista!
Pelle Hermannin leikkimaassa voi kiikkua

Pelle Hermanni Park

The Kirjurinluoto Park play area, the Pelle Hermanni Park, is about three hectares in size, equivalent to almost...
Kirjurinluodon uimaranta

Kirjurinluoto beach

The shallow, sandy beach of Kirjurinluoto is perfect for swimming and building sand castles. The beach is an ideal...
Yyterin lietteillä

Nature Observation Towers

The vast dune areas, meadows and silt areas renowned for their birdlife and the Bothnian Sea Natural Park offer...
Pori Jazz

Pori Jazz 9.-17.7.2021

The festival offers a wide-ranging, high-quality programme, featuring top names in rhythm music.

Reposaari Takaranta Shore

The Takaranta shore of Reposaari is a rocky shoreline running for a few kilometres.