Iso-Enskeri, Seliskeri and Munakari Islands


You can spend a nice day in the beautiful and diverse nature of the Iso-Enskeri island, exploring the nature, admiring the shore stone field, swimming and making use of the other opportunities provided by the island. Half of it belonging to the Bothnian Sea National Park, Iso-Enskeri is located in the Natura area of the Gummandoora archipelago, approximately 7 km north of Reposaari. The island features an excursion harbour (harbour number 1372), a 1.3-km nature trail, guide sign, campfire place, latrine and cooking facility. The island also has a good place for swimming. Approach Iso-Enskeri from the lane westward to the pier at the southern tip of the island; pier and buoy mooring. Small boats may also moor from the side. The lane depth to the pier is 2 metres.


The beautiful forest-covered island of Seliskeri is located in the Ahlainen archipelago, northeast of the Iso-Enskeri island. Go on a boating trip to enjoy a campfire or pack buckets for berries with you.
The island has two piers and covered campfire places and a latrine. The general appearance of the island features pines and moraine. Bilberry, for example, is abundant in the field layer, and the setting for berry-picking is good. You can explore the island nature easily from several trails on the islands. The excursion harbour is entered north from the lane. Pier and buoy mooring, but small boats may also moor from the side.


Munakari is the northernmost island of the three, and it has been traditionally favoured by fishermen. The Munakari daytime cottage was opened in late summer 2014 in a fishermen’s hut from the 1970s. Fishermen’s huts were temporary seasonal dwellings that fishermen built in the archipelago and in which they spent nights on their fishing trips.

There is a good pier west of the Munakari fishermen’s hut, with a 1.2-metre lane leading to it from the south–north coastal lane east of the island. The cottage has a stove, and there is a latrine on the island. There is no firewood service in Munakari.

Contact information

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