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Campfire sites

Yyteri invites you to enjoy the outdoors all year round. Pack a lunch and have a fun day out! When hunger strikes, Yyteri’s campfire sites are the perfect place to take a picnic break.

Yyteri hiking trails

Yyteri is much more than just a sandy beach, so we strongly recommend exploring the diverse hiking trails in the area as well. Along the routes, you can experience a variety of landscapes, including the sea, sand dunes, pine forests, old spruce forests, bog crossings, nature towers, and sandy forest paths.

Nature towers in Yyteri

On the trails along the shores of the Bothnian Sea, you can admire meadows, mudflats, grasslands and coastal forests that are popular with birds. The best places to enjoy nature trails and birdwatching towers in the Pori area are in Yyteri. Whether you are an experienced birdwatcher or a novice, you can experience natu


The Karhuluoto Circuit is a designated trail for mountain biking in Yyteri. It is also possible to bike on the Munakari Circuit.
21.11.2023 News

Lights get the city centre in the Christmas spirit

The city centre is slowly being dressed up for Christmas. The first lights were switched on for the opening of Christmas season last weekend, but the number of lights and decorations will continue to grow after that.
21.11.2023 News

Artificial ice rinks now open - first ski tracks gradually becoming skiable

Winter sports opportunities will increase in Pori since both ice rinks are now open. In addition, the so-called "lammen lenkki" of the Porin metsä ski trails will be ready for skiing from this day forward.
14.11.2023 News

Elves are coming again

Are elves imagination or real? On Friday 17 November, the Satakunta Museum opens the always highly anticipated Elves exhibition and its magical world.
17.10.2023 News

Construction works in Yyteri - be careful when moving in the area

Constructions of the new information building and Golfpolku route require caution when moving in the area.
16.10.2023 News

Open-air swimming pool's winter season underway

The pools will be open for swimmers on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 15:00 to 19:30.